We do not recommend a rug pad. Just place the rug on the floor.

Vacuuming. For daily maintenance vacuum as necessary, with the hard floor setting or upholstery extension. DO NOT vacuum with the setting that engages the mechanized spinning brush. This will cause damage. 

Spot cleaning. Clean up spills as they occur for best results. Blot with a dry towel. Wet blot with 3 parts water to one part white vinegar if the liquid contains acids or proteins. Dry blot again to remove the liquid. If you have a vacuum with a hose attachment you can lift the wet area and tap it with the hose which will expedite the drying and prevent a ring from forming.

Deep cleaning. In the event of a pet urine accident we highly recommend having your rug professionally cleaned. Pet urine can bleach your rug and cause a permanent odor. We recommend that you request hand washing from a reputable Oriental Rug Cleaner in your area. Otherwise, deep clean your rug every five years.

Wear. Rotate it! Flip it over! Rotating your rug will distribute the wear across a larger area and prevent one area from becoming worn excessively. Better yet, your rug is reversible and both sides are totally usable. Flip it over occasionally and use the other side.

Storage. Our rugs are not treated with harmful chemicals to protect against moths. Be careful when storing. Brush both sides well. Place in a plastic bag and seal air tight. Do not use mothballs with plastic. We do not recommend the use of moth balls at all as they are harmful to children and pets. The storage space should be dry.